Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist
Electric Chain Hoist Singapore

Electric Chain Hoist Singapore
CHAINster electric chain hoist loads up to 5,000 kg
Singapore Electric chain hoist that are highly reliable and easily operable

- Optimal space utilization
Compact dimensions and best hook approach, space saving trolleys
- High safety in operation
Emergency Stop button, 48 V Contactor control, drop stops, robust industrial design
- Gentle work
Upper and lower lifting limit switch, minor noise emission, stepless load moving with motor trolley and inverter
-Low installation and maintenance costs
Standardized electrical modules generally with plug connections, easy accessibility due to modular construction, time saving adjustment of trolley flange width, low weight

Advantage: Efficient and economical operations with the highest quality
- With upper hook, push and motor trolley
- Housing made completely from aluminum
- Up to 2,500 kg only single fall
- Chain sprocket with intermediate teeth and metal chain guide
- Reliable contactor control
- Lifetime brake