Monorail Hoist Crane System

Monorail Crane System
Monorail Crane System

Helmsion’s monorail crane system is excellent material handling equipment for your workshop, factory, assembly lines, warehouse, loading docks and loading bays. This special crane features a single stationary monorail beam on which the lifting device traverses. It can be a stand-alone lifting system, or complement to existing EOTC cranes. It is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation, and is especially flexible for tight space operations such as through a doorway.

Our cost-effective monorail hoist and push trolley crane design offers heavy duty lifting of up to 20 ton and ease for crane inspection and preventive maintenance. It is a straight forward crane design which eliminates need for standing fixed structures. Our crane technology is capable of providing you with maximum lifting efficiency yet safety for all your operational needs. It comes with crane components including digital load cells, digital monitoring devices, overload protective device, pendant control or radio remote control, inverter control, limit switch, safety catch etc. These cranes are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with European Standard considering adequate factors of safety and compliant with appropriate duty of classifications.

Based on your needs, you can select fully motorised hoist or manual hoist. Examples include electric wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, or manual chain block. Types of monorail crane we supply include fixed monorail, curve track monorail, overhead type monorail, underhung type monorail, telescopic monorail, and retractable monorail crane system.

Other overhead workstation cranes systems you can also consider include electric overhead travelling cranes (EOTC cranes), bridge cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes systems.